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Who's Your Daddy?

That's right Jack pinstripe suit swing!

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Hi, I'm swankyfunk. I'll be your moderator this evening.

This is a community borne from the overwhelming nostalgia for the good old days of neo-swing. Yes, you heard me. Remember when swing made a comeback in the late '90s, and suddenly everybody needed to know how to do the Lindy hop because of a Gap commercial for khakis? That's what I'm talking about.

But seriously. The friends and memories I made during that time are priceless to me. So this is where I intend to wax sentimental about every aspect possible, joined by my partners in crime of old. And perhaps some new partners will join up along the line.

Now that a few people have started to join, I think it's time to set up some little rules, since this is a community of both friends and as-of-yet strangers.

And here we go:

* Feel free to discuss/ask questions/share concert stories about your favorite Daddy-band. Though CPD and BBVD are the focus, non-daddy-bands are allowed as well, as long as they fit into the realm of swing/ska/punk/rockabilly/etc.

* Feel free to post your favorite pictures or icons. We can all do with a bit of eye candy now and then! The only thing I ask is that you use a LiveJournal cut tag (<.lj-cut>) if you're posting a relatively big picture or more than one image.

* No flaming. We all have our own opinions about things, our own tastes, our own likes and dislikes, but there's no need to put anyone down for them.

* No trolls. It's dumb when people post in communities about things they hate, just to tell people how much they hate it.

* Please HAVE FUN!


A word of advice: please keep in mind that there are band members who know about this community.

So you can go on posting what you want, but just be aware that what you say might get back to them in some way, shape, or form, and the last thing I want is somebody to hear from somebody that somebody said this or that about so-and-so on that LiveJournal community.



"Sometimes you reach into the inky water and pull out a squid with two heads. Then you know it's a good day." -- Steve (not THAT Steve Perry) Perry

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