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Who's Your Daddy?

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Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Garden Home Park, June 24, 2010 [Jun. 24th, 2010|11:07 pm]
Who's Your Daddy?

Steve was in fine form in a purple jacket, pink shirt, grey pants with suspenders and red shoes. It was hot and sunny out there in the field. They played 25 songs (including a two-song encore set). It was a massive crowd with a lot of people dancing on the grass.

Set List:
Dr. Bones
No Mercy for Swine
Doug the Jitterbug
Pink Elephant
So Long Toots
Diamond Light Boogi
Soul Cadillac
Hammer Blow
Don Quixote
When I Change Your Mind
Swingin' with Tiger Woods
Uncle Ray
Skaboy JFK
Mongoose and the Snake
Drunk Daddy
Whiskey Jack
Hi & Lo
Blood Orange Sun
Brown Derby Jump
Zoot Suit Riot
Ding Dong Daddy of the D Car Line

Pool Shark
Cherry Poppin' Daddy Strut.
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Ok guys [Jul. 30th, 2008|06:27 pm]
Who's Your Daddy?
New Album- lots of tour dates- why no talk?

I went to the NYC show at BB kings and it was great! Anyone else go, or planning on catching upcoming shows?
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...is this thing on? [Mar. 7th, 2008|12:39 am]
Who's Your Daddy?

[Tags|, ]

Cherry Poppin' Daddies tour dates. Wow, I don't think I've seen this many since their last CD.

Sat 04/19/08 Portland, OR -- Wonder Ballroom
Sat 04/26/08 Eugene, OR -- WOW Hall
Fri 05/09/08 Seattle, WA -- The Triple Door
Wed 06/04/08 Los Angeles, CA -- Crash Mansion LA
Thu 06/05/08 San Juan Capistrano, CA -- The Coach House
Fri 06/06/08 Long Beach, CA -- Blue Cafe
Sat 06/07/08 Santa Ynez, CA -- Chumash Casino
Sat 07/12/08 Bend, OR -- Summer Festival
Sun 07/20/08 Vernon Hills, IL -- Village Of Vernon Hills
Wed 07/23/08 Lewiston, NY -- Earl W. Brydges Artpark
Thu 07/24/08 New York, NY -- B.B. King's Blues Club
Fri 07/25/08 Falls Church, VA -- State Theatre
Sat 07/26/08 Liberty Lake, WA -- Pavillion Park
Sun 08/10/08 Walker, MN -- Northern Lights Casino
Fri 08/15/08 Carson City, NV -- Brewery Arts Center
Sat 01/31/09 Ottawa, ON -- Centrepointe Theatre

Also...um...you do know that they have a new album out, right?? It's available to download in its entirety at daddies.com.
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Susquehanna [Feb. 21st, 2008|11:35 pm]
Who's Your Daddy?

Well? What do you all think?

Personally, I feel it was worth the wait. (And I'm still gonna get a hardcopy. I must.)

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Well, fuck me! [Feb. 21st, 2008|10:43 pm]
Who's Your Daddy?

[mood |ditzyditzy]

I didn't know Dana played with Satin Love Orchestra! I'm so out of the loop!

So the new CPD is out for download. Gotta get on that.
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Go vote NOW!!! [Dec. 6th, 2007|09:00 pm]
Who's Your Daddy?

Vote 4 Cherry Poppin' Daddies

The Cherry Poppin' Daddies are entered in a contest to play on SiTV. Voting begins today and continues through Thu., 1/3/08 11:59pm PST. They need to be in the top 15 to move on.


Also you can vote once per-day per email so put all those multiple emails to good use.
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from last nights show [Jul. 2nd, 2007|10:57 pm]
Who's Your Daddy?

[mood |bouncybouncy]

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NYC CPD show date [Mar. 26th, 2007|03:43 am]
Who's Your Daddy?

July 1 8:00PM bb king blues club

Doors @ 6PM

$25.00 Advance
$27.00 Day of Show

* Open dance floor - General admission seating on sides - First come, first seated.

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just a reminder [Feb. 21st, 2007|05:53 pm]
Who's Your Daddy?

The cherry poppin daddies have new songs for sale on there myspace account, these are rough demo cuts.

there is three songs on there
bust out
blood orange sun

So go buy and please don't share the files.. show the daddies that they can put out a cd on the own and make money at it to.

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Ok, here's my semi-faulty set list for the Mardi Gras show in Portland last night [Feb. 21st, 2007|08:33 am]
Who's Your Daddy?

The Cherry Poppin' Daddies were in rare form. Steve was everywhere on the stage leaping and dancing and strutting. They all had unbelievable amounts of energy! They started up at about 10:15 PM and here's what I wrote down of their set-list:

Pink Elephant
Drunk Daddy
Teenage Brainsurgeon
Soul Cadillac
Tom the Lion (I think... it has the chorus of fortun teller / don't you tell her?)
Diamond Light Boogie
Flovilla Thatch vs. the Virile Garbageman
Tiger Woods (the big swing)
Master & Slave (Steve commented that he'd received a lot of emails for that one)
Sockable Face
When I Change Your Mind
??? New Song with chorus of Real Life?
???? possible additional new song
Ding Dong Daddy
Hammerblow (corrected by swankyfunk) Song about 'communism' with chorus of "glory bound"
Hi & Lo
Blood Orange Sun
Hazel, SD (corrected by madam_o)??? older song
Irish Whiskey
Zoot Suit Riot

End of the Night (corrected by swankyfunk)(?? title?)
Brown Derby Jump

I think a couple of the songs I couldn't figure out were from Soul Caddy... which I just re-acquired, and have only listened to a couple of times (since my entire music collection was stolen a few years ago).

All in all an amazing show!
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